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What’s a ‘fistbump’?
It’s like a ‘poke’! Bros get 40 Fistbumps per week! You can’t Fistbump another bro twice in a row - they have to bump you back first!
Why was my photo denied?
BRO is for men looking for friends, dates, fwbs, & more - and you must have a clear face pic. We don't permit nudity, solicitation, or filters.
Where can I find my Matches? Favorites?
To find your matches, just click the Matches icon on the menu bar. To find your favorites, click the Star icon on your Local Bros tab!
How can I block or report another Bro?
To block or report another bro, open their profile and tap the block icon (the prohibitory sign). Select whether you would like to block or send a report about the Bro and then confirm the action. Be advised that you can unblock any bro from the list of blocked users under Settings. You have unlimited Blocks, but still use them wisely!
How can I link my social accounts?
To link your social accounts to your Bro profile, under EDIT PROFILE in Settings, scroll down and tap the icon of social network you would like to connect. Simply enter your username or ID from each specific social network. Confirm the action and make sure to test that each link works!
Why am I presented a BRO wait list?
The waitlist is ONLY presented if you entered that you were under 18 while setting up your profile. If this was a mistake, please contact us to resolve.
Why can't I see more daily bros?
The number of daily bros is limited to how many Bros are near you and how many have already tried to match with you. You can view up to 20 Daily Bros a day. iOS users can use Travel Mode to see more Daily Bros if they run out.
How can I delete my account?
Under Settings, click the 'Delete Account' option. This will delete your entire account - including messages, photos, matches, and favorites. Type "delete" to confirm. If you still need help, please e-mail .
How do I update the home city listed on my Profile?
If you used Facebook for BRO, update it on Facebook and then sign out and back in to BRO. If you used your phone #, you may change your location under BRO's 'Settings' menu. Please e-mail if you still need help.
How do I know the Online Status of another Bro?
You will see a Green, Yellow, or Grey dot next to their age on the Local Bros Grid and their Profile. Green signifies “Currently Online”, Yellow is “Recently Online”, and Gray is “Offline"
How does BRO Premium work?
A Bro Premium subscription price starts at $5.99 USD for one month and is also available for 6 months and 12 months. The free one week trial auto-renews as a monthly charge unless cancelled under Google / Apple's iTunes Subscriptions prior.
What do the checkmarks mean in messages?
A grey checkmark means your message has been sent, but the other user hasn't opened their app to receive the message yet. An orange checkmark means the user has received the message and likely notified, but has not opened it yet. "Read" means the user has opened your message (or marked "all as read" via the app itself).
What is the blue paper airplane next to the user's name?
iOS users are able to use Travel Mode to view users in other locations. The blue airplane means they currently have travel mode active.
Why does the user's distance (mi/km) not match their listed City?
The distance listed in the user's profile is how far they are from you, while the city listed is their home city. The distance is dynamic and updates frequently, while the city remains the same unless a user changes it.
Do you have a Privacy Policy?
Yes, Please visit for our current Privacy Policy.