June 23, 2017

The Best BRO Travel Spots

Traveling with your Bro can be one of the best trips you’ve ever taken!

With nothing but the road in front of you, you and your Bro can sit back and enjoy the ride, knowing you’ve left all your worries behind. Traveling transforms people, so let it do the same for you. If you’re looking for the perfect destinations to travel with your Bro, here are some of BRO's suggestions you'll want to check out:

The Grand Canyon

There’s nothing more manly than the Grand Canyon – it’s vast, open, inspiring, and majestic. Whether you’re a fan of hiking, motorcycling, or extreme sports, this might the place to explore your interests and bond with your Bro. One of the most exciting activities the Grand Canyon offers is paddling down the Colorado River. There’s something about being in a small boat that makes Bros really connect. Even if you’re afraid of water, don’t worry – your Bro is there to protect you!

Las Vegas

Now, if you’re looking for a destination where you can be completely uninhibited, Las Vegas is the right place for you! Offering all kinds of entertainment – from gambling and stripclubs to concerts and parties – you’ll surely find something that suits you and your best Bro. If you start enjoying yourself more than you’ve hoped, just extend your vacation and stay in Vegas a bit longer.

But the absolutely best way to have fun is to organize a guys’ weekend filled with various activities. Remember – you’re free to party all night long, but make the most of your day by engaging in relaxing and calming things that will prepare you for the night. Visit a professional barber, book a massage, get a facial treatment and check if your hotel includes a spa. Trust us, you’re going to want to dedicate some Bro time to these activities.


Getting as far away from home as possible is sometimes just the thing you need, particularly if you do it with your bro. You’ll be able to explore new destinations and do things you’ve never done before, which is a great way to blow off some steam and chill at a location far, far away. And the most fun remote location you can think of is, of course, Sydney!

If you’ve never been there - you’ll just love everything this city has to give you, especially during the night. Sydney is famous for its clubbing and partying, and you must see it for yourself. No matter what kind of place you two prefer – something loud and full of people, or secluded and intimate – you’ll definitely find a Sydney cafe that will suit you and your Bro!

Backpacking Europe

This could easily be the worst cliché you could think of and an activity everyone and their grandma have done, but it could still be cool. You don’t need many things and can easily fit everything in a handy backpack – just make sure it’s not too heavy, though! This kind of trip is generally expensive, but if you plan ahead, you could save a ton of money.

Some of the places you shouldn’t miss in Europe are Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona - and all of these provide you everything you need, from great food to great parties. The best part is that you can be your own tour guides – just go with the flow and do whatever you two feel like doing. The setting will be equally intriguing and appealing, and you’ll surely have numerous adventures on the way.

Where Else, Bro?

Some of the other places you and your Bro might take into consideration are Toronto, São Paulo, Miami, San Francisco - particularly during their festival season - as well as the Caribbean where you can be alone with your thoughts and plans. Finally, you can just rent a car and plan a Jack-Kerouac-inspired road trip across the US with your Bro by your side. 

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Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle writer for The Authentic Gay. He worked as a freelance writer for local newspapers before blogging. Follow Peter on Twitter for more fun tips for men!

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