December 15, 2016

5 Reasons Why ‘Bromance’ is Good For Your LTR

‘Bromance’ is not a modern concept...

Despite what you might think, ‘bromance’ is not a modern concept. From the earliest days, men have had bromances - though they didn't always call them that. Even in one of the oldest literary works, a bromance between Gilgamesh and his buddy Enkidu is more than obvious. How about Achilles and Patroclus? Lewis and Clarke? Or Sherlock and Watson? Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock? All bona fide bromances.

Bromances have been around since times immemorial and even though it may seem counterintuitive, a great bromance can also be a fantastic thing for your long-term relationship.

1. Bromance Makes the Stress Go Away

Long-term relationships entail a life that is shared between two people and when you get stressed, your partner also gets stressed. Before you know it, you are barking at each other, forgetting all about the good times. When you're in a bromance, you have a release valve. With your bro, you can do a ton of bro stuff that can do amazing things for your stress levels. A simple evening of beers and batting cages can make a guy so much more relaxed, thus making his long-term relationship much more relaxed.

2. Bromance Makes a Man More Sensitive

You'd think that the opposite is true and that a bromance would turn a guy into a caveman. In reality, however, a bromance can make a man far more sensitive through the Evergreen Bromance Practice of opening up to another guy. This practice can really open up those emotional chakras in a guy their partner no longer has to wonder if they're in love - They’ll know for sure!

3. Bromance Takes the Pressure Off

As time goes by, guys tend to narrow down their circles of friends and they end up with only a handful. Often times, a guy will be left with only a couple of other guys he likes to see regularly and if they happen to be unavailable, it can come down to his partner to always be there for him. This can create a lot of pressure. A bromance ensures that you have someone other than your partner to count on - and sometimes space is needed.

4. Bromance Makes a Guy Healthy

There are innumerable things that can endanger a long-term relationship and even though it may sound cynical to talk about it openly, poor health can definitely become a strain on a relationship. Illness often leads to a whole slew of additional problems and many long-term relationships cannot handle serious illness of any kind. A bromance can help with this, believe it or not. For one, bros often get up to all kinds of activities that guys would never do on their own. This way, they get much-needed exercise and improve their health. A good bromance also ensures the stress levels are down and certain beneficial neurotransmitter levels are up. All of this makes for a much healthier man.

5. Bromance Promotes Loyalty

Some guys tend to be disloyal. We do not like to talk about it and we will always put our loyalty forward as one of our better traits, but just like any other animal, guys can be disloyal. When you're in a bromance, you cannot be disloyal. A bromance exercises the loyalty muscle in a guy and it makes it more likely that he will stay loyal to his significant other as well. Ultimately, this leads to a much stronger long-term relationship.

And there you have it, 5 different reasons as to why a bromance is something your spouse or partner should get behind too. You just have to explain it first… So good luck with that. Find your own bro on The Bro App now!

Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle writer for TheGayUk and HighStreetGent magazine from UK. He worked as a freelance writer for local newspapers before blogging. Follow Peter on Twitter for more fun tips for men!

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