December 20, 2017

5 AWESOME Gift Ideas For Your Bro

Bro's TOP 5 gift ideas for this season - from water jugs to NES Flasks!

A bromance is the most cherished thing in a guy’s life. Being a bro to someone is a true testament of love and lifelong devotion to your friend.  Here are the best gifts you can give to your bro to take your bro relationship to the next level of friendship and commitment.

Support His Fitness Lifestyle: Is he a fitness nut? Do you love that he takes care of his body, chiseling his six-pack to perfection? Good, now help him achieve a completely new level of attractiveness by getting him the necessary gear to elevate the quality of his workout and maintain proper hydration. 

To help him hydrate, you can get him a half gallon water jug or a water bottle that stays cold for 24 hours. To make him push harder in his workouts, a fitness training mask will allow him to regulate his breathing and achieve better results in the process.

A beautiful mane is a symbol of a modern-day man, and you want to allow him to nurture and maintain his facial hair at all times. When choosing a gift, don’t go for just any old beard care set, no! You need to research the kind of structures, ingredients, and brands he loves, so make sure to sneak a peek in his product drawer when he’s not looking to get him something he’ll love.

There is no better way to blow him away than by giving him something that will take his complexion to the next level of smoothness and health. Before you make a purchase, be sure to learn his preferences and get a glimpse at the products he uses, in order to get him the perfect set of skincare products he’ll love. Every bro can use a good regimen.

More importantly, skincare products can be tricky, and he might be using something specifically designed for his needs, so make sure the ingredients are the same, but look for a healthy twist.  

There is no better time than tipsy time, and you want to make sure you and your bro always have the necessary ingredients to turn a chill movie night into an off-the-hook party! Be sure to stock up his bar with fine liquor, and quality spirits. These bad boys are perfect for making exquisite cocktails with a kick!

Don’t forget to learn a few cocktail tricks while you’re at it, and bring the necessary ingredients to infuse various tastes and make every party the party of a lifetime. 

What a better way to complement his smell than with a few dabs of his favorite cologne. Start by checking out the brand he most frequently uses, and look for other brands that mix the same ingredients and have a similar, yet
unique smell that will suit your bro and make him fall in love with it. Don’t go for contrasts though, as men have a very distinct palate when it comes to smells. If he loves a zesty fragrance, then you should definitely avoid getting him a sweet aroma. Go with the same base, and explore different finishes. You can even subscribe him to a cologne of the month club like


You would do anything for your bro, and your bro would love nothing more than for the two of you to create precious bro memories together, and that’s why you want to show him how much he means to you with a truly unique and mindful gift for the holidays. Getting your bro the perfect present is not always an easy task, as a personal, thoughtful gift requires planning, research, and just a stroke of luck. Fortunately, you can easily give your bro the gift of his life by following these timeless gift ideas, making your bro relationship stronger than ever before!

Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle writer for  Gay Republic. He worked as a freelance writer for local newspapers before blogging. Follow Peter on  Twitter for more fun tips for men!

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