August 10, 2016

The BRO Code

A friendly itinerary to BRO

Welcome to BRO: The modern man’s way of meeting other guys to hang out with and more!  Your choice in social networking apps is to be applauded. While some of you may be new to this, chances are many of you have been around the block. That being said, BRO is looking to create a different environment within our app, so we’d like to take this time to make a few suggestions, set some ground rules, and welcome you to BRO!

Know Your Audience: Believe it or not, the name BRO wasn’t an accident. While we openly maintain our ambiguity over the community of men we cater to, we also strive to create a space for guys who may not participate in mainstream LGBT* culture. BRO’s goal is to help men make lasting connections - be it friendship, ‘bromance’, or dates - and isn’t intended for the purpose of hookups. We’ve created an outlet for guys who want something beyond what is being currently offered. BRO’s goal is to provide a safe space for guys to meet, and we let them take it from there.

Make sure your face is clearly visible!

Photos: We suggest at least THREE photos with your face to get the most attention on BRO. We’ve found that Bros with 3+ photos actually get 3x more responses! BRO uses an algorithm that automatically detects faces, so anything that doesn’t feature your face likely won’t get through. Also, while we appreciate Snapchat, photos with lenses and filters won’t get approved. Your face is awesome and we want to see it, Bro!

Some suggestions of photos to post:

  • You hanging out around town or out at the pub
  • You playing sports or doing your favorite hobby
  • You jogging with your adorable, new puppy
  • Bonus BRO points if you link your Instagram account to your Brofile!
  • We don't recommend photos where your face is hidden or extreme close-ups
 If you do post a group pic, make sure it's obvious who you are. For the best results, don't make it your primary photo!

Profiles: Please fill out your profile! With a bunch of questions to choose from, just pick three and let us get to know a bit about you. Remember, BRO is striving to introduce people with common interests, hobbies, similar humor, and so on. Giving other Bros a nice snapshot of your life can go a long way towards finding some awesome guys to connect with. Keep it classy and PG - most people don’t want to know upfront about a sock fetish, your favored sexual position, or if you have a secret marriage.

Don't 'ghost' or 'bench' other Bros!

Etiquette: Especially for younger Bros, many guys have gotten used to poor cyber-etiquette on other apps - including Ghosting, Benching, and overall inconsiderate nonsense. While this isn’t something that an app like BRO can control, we’re offering up this plea: Please try to be as polite and respectful as possible while using BRO. Honesty is mad sexy. If a guy hits you up, and you’re just not interested, just let him know. Or maybe you guys can be platonic Bros. No harm, no foul. Everyone wants an awesome community to be a part of, but it’s on you to make it so. As a note, BRO is one of the few apps that has read receipts - so if a BRO reads your message and doesn’t reply, assume he’s busy or not interested. Don’t send a barrage of messages… just be patient or move on.

That’s The BRO Code for you. As BRO is still in its infancy, we’re always looking for new ideas on how to expand and improve our services. If you have an idea about how to make it better, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.


The Bros of BRO

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