February 22, 2017

Apps Can Lead to Serious Connections

Is it possible to find your one true Bro?

A recent study published by Consumer Reports found that though social apps can be fraught with scammers, fake profiles, and social stigma - they actually do help people form long-term, lasting connections. About 45% of people surveyed admitted that they had made long-term connections via online social and dating apps.

Interestingly, the study showed that 41% of men didn’t want to use an “app” because they were concerned about being scammed. Almost 10% of men in the study listed their reason for not joining a social/dating app as knowing someone else that had a bad experience on apps.

Freemium apps were viewed most favorably in the study - while apps like Zoosk, Chemistry, and Ashley Madison got the lowest rankings from its users (and cost upwards of $50 per month!)

Though using social apps may sometimes feel boring, repetitive, and time-consuming, it was found that they often do produce the intended result if used consistently and politely - and having a clear face pic also improves results dramatically.

Editor’s Note: Remember that if you’re looking for MORE than a quick hookup, PLEASE have patience and not always expect an immediate reply from the other bros - Relationships/Friendships take time and patience. That being said, if a BRO is too busy [or not interested] and doesn't answer your first few messages - consider moving on 😉.

Don’t give up hope! Your BRO is out there waiting for you!

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